the ETHNORTH GALLERY department:
Brand, store and gallery working with artisans mainly from the developing countries.
Our physical store has launched on July 2nd, 2014, in the old district of east Tokyo.

MUusic department:
Record label / Digital Aggregator / Graphic Design / Sound Production / Mastering / Label Promotion / BGM selections / Music Studio / Event Organize / English & Chinese Translation / Web Store


We are always fascinated by the sound, colors, textures and imperfection of the great nature and at the same time, these are the fundamental elements of creation.

Our company name derives from the blessings of nature, and longings for the natural circulation just as in the nature.


After 7 years in the design and music business, we have expanded our direction from 2013, exploring further territory of cultural exchange and craftsmanship. In this mass production era, our mission is to produce each products carefully as well as introducing different cultures. We are hoping that our activities will bring peace and happiness, and at the same time think about the environment which we live in.


0. Handicrafts and artisan goods

We are producing goods with different ethnic groups mainly from the developing countries to introduce their culture, and moreover to re-think about our daily lives. The beauty of handmade goods and the wisdom behind, eco-friendly natural materials provides us with comfort in this digital era. Music originally derives from someone imitating the sounds of nature, and we have seen them turning into analog vinyls, cassette tapes, CD and now digital. With this division, we are trying to go backwards towards the nature where our company name comes from. Also we have launched our store and gallery as a platform for this misson on July 2nd, 2014. For more information, please check our website:

1. graphic design

We offer professional designs to create daily goods, Logos, Corporate Identity, Brochures, Name cards, Adverts, CD/DVD Design, Posters, Calendars, Catalogues, Text books, Packaging, Web Banners, Flyers and just about anything you can think.

We team up with several designers so that we could provide various tastes and colors to perfectly match the client's needs. We also have a skilled illustrator who can provide characters or analog touches to your design.

As a design team, we were awarded for the "Best packaging and artwork" at the QWARTZ prize (FRANCE), and our works have been introduced on worldwide publications such as Adrian Shaughnessy "Cover Art By:" (Laurence King) along many others.

Please download the PDF with samples of our designs HERE.

For quotes and further inquires, please contact:

2. sound design

We have our own music studio and provide various sound production services as follows; music compositions for TV & Web commercials and games, mix and mastering service, selecting music for various occasions such as store's BGM and various visual projects using our vast catalog. We can send you links or CDs of our previous works upon requests so feel free to contact us.

For quotes and further inquires, please contact:

3.record production and distribution

We are the home for record labels SPEKK, KAICO, PLOP, HAPPY PRINCE, LANTERN, PANAI, WONDERYOU, NATURE BLISS, PRIMO, MU-NEST and MOAMOO all together releasing around 200 titles. We are constantly looking for quality non-commercial music from around the world. We think every music genre has an element in which we like so our releases ranges from Techno, Electronica, Rock, Jazz, experimental to World ethnic Music.

Our aim is to introduce fresh sounds to the world and at the same time fresh sounds from all over the world to Japan for fun culture exchange.

You may take a glance at our release catalogs here (at the moment, in Japanese only):

We also have an account with most of the major digital download stores around the world. We choose what we distribute to be able to promote and handle each releases carefully.

If you're interested our digital aggregation, please send us an email with product details and links to mp3s out to the below address.

For press releases, licensing and other inquires, please contact:

※Demo tapes can be sent to our company address above. Please be sure to mark the name of which label you wish to present it to.


Check out our webstore dealing with thousands of unique music from worldwide.

5. English & Chinese & Japanese translations

We have a native English and Chinese speaker who will be able to assist any kind of translations. From Japanese to English to Chinese.

For quotes and further inquires, please contact: