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Artist: Astral Social Club
Title: Magic Smile
Release date: 2012/07/04
Price: 2300yen ( / 19USD (incl.shipping fee)

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Magic Smile - Astral Social Club

Growingなどと並び世界再突端サウンドを引っ張るイギリスのアヴァン紳士 Neil Cambell (Vibracathedral Orchestra / Sunroof!) によるプロジェクト、Astral Social Clubから届いた多幸感と愛が溢れるダンスビート!

“Magic Smile” is the new pro-pop CD from Astral Social Club, with 7 shiny and splintered new tunes, plus a special remix by Japanese wonder boys Kufuki. These tunes range from the twisting 13 minutes of the opening “Rubber Lagg”, through the succinct plainsong of the title track, to the full-on riot that is “FRWRKZ RWRK”. In places it’s utterly freewheeling and joyous, at others full of fire and anger. No stone is left unthrown. Everyone gets kissed.

“Magic Smile” is his second Japanese CD release, following “Happy Horse” in 2010.


マスタリングはアンビエントアーティストのChihei Hatakeyama、ラストトラックには日本の奇天烈紳士ユニット、くふきによるリミックスを収録。

  1. Rubber Lagg
  2. Mach
  3. Magic Smile
  4. Multiple World Speed
  5. Och
  7. Tempo Rubber
  8. Rubber Lagg (Kufuki remix)